Here are some of the questions we often get asked.

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How do photovoltaic solar panels work?

Photovoltaic solar panels directly convert light into electricity at the atomic level. Some materials exhibit a property known as the photoelectric effect that causes them to absorb photons of light and release electrons. When these free electrons are captured, an electric current results that can be used as electricity.

How much does a pv solar system cost?

Each pv system that GDN SOLAR installs is 100% customized to it’s property and to it’s usage requirements. For this reason we do not sell and install kit-set solar packages. Instead we offer customized solutions that fit with each customers requirements and budget.

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Do you offer financing?

At this time we do not offer financing as 95% of our customers put solar panels on the roof of there houses which is an added asset to the property and therefore much cheaper to add the cost of the solar system to the mortgage with a lower interest rate. 

What does a 'Grid-Tie' system mean?

 Well grid-tie or grid connected simply means that the system is connected to the national grid. This enables the system to export electricity to the national grid and/or use electricity from the grid.